Richard Carter

How did the Lord change my life?

The Lord changed my life by His Word in learning to depend, trust, rely, believe, and have faith in Him. He taught me how to be humble and not prideful, and to know I cannot do anything without Him! He has increased these qualities in me for use in my marriage, with my children, family, friends, church family, co-workers and neighbors. God is still working on me, but I am still so thankful and grateful for what He has done so far!


His teaching on prayer, fasting, and studying/reading His Word for understanding and revelation has been amazing. He has also given me wisdom, strength, and guidance to be better spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. And most importantly, he taught me the importance of serving others. God is so W-O-W (wise, outstanding, wonderful). He has been there for me throughout my life, even before I actually committed to accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.


What led me to become a ministry leader?

I was curious and interested about the duties and qualities of a Deacon, Minister and Ministry Leader. My financial background led me to inquire about working on the church finances. I was told by the Pastor that in order to fulfill those duties, I would have to look into my heart when asked to be a Deacon. At first, my thoughts were concerning the time commitment. After praying on it, God allowed me to see how He provides time for me (us), so why can’t I devote some time to do His Will? And that is when I decided to accept the calling of being a Deacon. In this role, I also accepted the duties of helping other ministries any way I could, which I have enjoyed.


My most memorable ministry moments

There have been many memorable moments, but the first is when I became a Deacon at my ordination. Another was being able to help others in dire financial straits without judging. A final memory was during my short stint as a Sunday School teacher for the teens. It was a blessing knowing that God entrusted me to teach His Word and show them how to apply it in their everyday lives.


Something most people don't know about me

Besides being an athlete, I always wanted to fly a jet or be an engineer on a train. I enjoy watching jets and trains. Also, as an amateur photographer, my goal is to photograph the seven natural wonders of the world, Lord willing! An added bonus would be to photograph the earth from space!


Richard Carter

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