Cornerstone Collegiate School of Discipleship

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Cornerstone Collegiate School of Discipleship.


Cornerstone Collegiate School of Discipleship is a 4 year program that upon completion the student will receive a Bachelor's Degree in Divinity.


Cornerstone Collegiate School of Discipleship affirms the authority of the scriptures, believes in the integration of faith, education and ministries.


Our mission and purpose is to provide biblically based education that fosters effective discipleship, evangelism, spiritual growth and the ability to minister among people of diverse ages, genders, beliefs and socioeconomic levels.


The curriculum includes:


Year 1

Bible Training for Christians

Introduction to Ministry

The Word of God

The Will of God


Year 2

Holiness and Sanctification


Ministry Gifts

Divine Healing


Year 3

Principles of Praise and Worship

Glory of the Lord


Baptism of the Holy Spirit


Year 4

Powers Over Satan and Demons

Halloween and Satanism

Hurting Christians

Counseling Theories


The Semester will begin the second Saturday in September, then the first Saturday of each month throughout April 2018. Class will start at 9:00 am and end at 3:00pm.


The cost of the course book is $50.00 in which you will use over the four year period.

We are no longer accepting registrations online for this event.
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